Myrtle Beach Regulations

Beach Access and Parking

Myrtle Beach has 42 public beach access points (street ends, parks and other access points) that are accessible in varying degrees to people with physical disabilities. Here is the list of those public locations, from south to north.


  • 29th Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • 24th Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • 23rd Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • Hurl Rock Park at 20th Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • 19th Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • 17th Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • 16th Avenue South (partially accessible, has step at beach end)
  • 15th Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • 12th Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • 11th Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • Ninth Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • Seventh Avenue South (partially accessible)
  • Third Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • First Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • Second Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • Fourth Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • Seventh Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • Ninth Avenue North, north side of Plyler Park (fully accessible)
  • 11th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 13th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 1600 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  • 1708 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)
  • 1802 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  • Anderson Park at 20th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 2104 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)
  • 2302 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)
  • 25th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 2504 North Ocean Boulevard (partially accessible)
  • 31st Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 34th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)
  • 38th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 41st Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 44th Avenue North (partially accessible)
  • 47th Avenue North (partially accessible)
  • 48th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 51st Avenue North (partially accessible)
  • 53rd Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • Gardens by the Sea, 5400 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  • Seaside Place (fully accessible)
  • 64th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 65th Avenue North (partially accessible)
  • 66th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)
  • 69th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)
  • 70th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 75th Avenue North (partially accessible)
  • 76th Avenue North (partially accessible, has steps at beach end)

Parking meters in the city of Myrtlwe Beach are in effect from March 1 through Oct. 21 and are enforced from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., 7 days a week. The meters accept charge/debit cards.

All parking meters take U.S. coins, some take credit and debit cards while pay-stations accept coins, U.S. bills up to $10, credit cards and debit cards. At a pay station you pay the parking machine for how much time you plan to stay. Then display the printed receipton your car's dash. 

9th Ave. N. Kings Hwy. Anyone can purchase a 7-day consecutive pass for a "paid visitor" pass" for $30.Parking offer good only in the Pavilion Garage. Enter the garsage nd pay there. It is located at 9th Ave. N. and Kings Hwy. This parking pass is NOT valid for decal-parking areas.A seven-day visitor parking pass is available for $30 from the Lanier Parking Garage (in the Pavilion Parking Garage, Ninth Avenue N. at Kings Highway.)  The pass is good for 7 consecutive days at all paid public parking area, but not in "decal only" parking areas. A non-resident parking placard is available for $100 per year from the Lanier Parking Office in the Pavilion Parking Garage.  This pass is good for public metered stations between 21st Avenue North and 6th Avenue South, and in the metered street ends, from 69th to 77th Avenues North.  This pass is not valid in "decal only" parking areas.  On an almost daily basis, parking at the Pavilion Garage may change. Rates increase during tourist season and for special events. Vehicles with valid handicapped license plates or hang-tags, as well as vehicles with valid Purple Heart, Disabled American Veteran (DAV) or Medal of Honor license holders park free at the city's parking meters and at the Pavilion Parking Garage. See City of Myrtle pay stations are inside the garage, and are good for weekend and nightly parking. Also, you can call Lanier Parking at (843) 626-7275 for updates on rates.

Special Services

Myrtle Beach has a number of beach-going wheelchairs available for use at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis. The chairs are equipped with balloon tires and safety belts for people with disabilities. To acquire the use of one these wheelchairs, contact the Police Department communications desk at (843) 918-1488. Wheelchairs will be delivered to (and picked up from) your location by our community service officers between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., weather permitting. Use of the chairs is free, but we do require a photo identification. Wheelchairs are not available after 5:00 p.m. Note that all chairs may be in use at some times.




During summer months, umbrellas up to seven-and-a-half feet in diameter are allowed in line with or behind the established umbrella line, but no other shading devices are permitted.  Tents up to 12-by-12 feet square and less than nine feet tall may be used from the day after Labor Day until Memorial Day, behind the umbrella line and 10 feet apart.  


No motor vehicles, other than those used by lifeguards, police, or other Town personnel, are permitted to operate on the beach at any time.


Dogs in public must be on a leash at all times. Dogs are permitted on the beach anytime from Labor Day through April 30. No dogs are allowed on the beach 10 a.m.-5 p.m. May 1- Labor Day. Horses are not permitted in the City of Myrtle Beach.

Swimming, Surfing and Safety

Lifeguards, deputies, and other Town officials supervise and regulate surf fishing, swimming, and other activities on the Town's beach.

To report lost children please contact the Surfside Beach Police Department at (843) 280-5511.
Fireworks are not permitted on the public beach.
No alcoholic beverages or glass are permitted on the beach.
Lifeguard instructions are to be obeyed AT ALL TIMES.
Swimmers are to venture into the water no deeper than chest-deep and no further than 50 yards from the shoreline.

Surfing and kayaking are restricted to certain areas May 1-Labor Day. During those dates, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., surfing and kayaking are allowed only in these areas: from the terminus of the TA-80 Zone to the south city limits, from 37th Ave. N. to 47th Ave. N., from 62nd Ave. N. to 68th Ave. N., and from 82nd Ave. N. to the northern city limits. The area from the south side of 8th Ave. N. to the north end of the public boardwalk may be used for surfing or kayaking Labor Day-April 30. Surfing and kayaking are not permitted within 75 yards of any fishing pier. Kayaks launched and returned to the beach on a course perpendicular to the beach for use out of the surf zone are not subject to the previously mentioned time and area restrictions.